Senegal Beach soccer squad received a hero’s welcome.

It was late on Saturday night that the National Beach Soccer team arrived from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt,  with their  fifth  trophy  in the history of the Africa Beach Soccer Cup of Nations.

Captain Alseyni Ndiaye’s teammates were welcomed by an important delegation led by Maitre Augustin Senghor, President of the Senegalese Football  Association.

Speaking before this enthusiastic crowd, that was excited by the Football fan groups , including Allez Casa and the douzieme Gainde, President Senghor reiterated his warm congratulations to the Beach Soccer squad who, according to him, showed that they knew how to hoist the national flag: « Among all the victories of the LIONS, this is the one that has impressed me most because during the tournement  they defeated their opponents in a very fancy way ; always showing that they were the best» President Senghor declared,  adding that Senegal football officials will do everything to put the lions in the best preparation environnent for the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup that will be held in Paraguay.