Amateur Football League Cup: Racing Club beat ASFA 2-1

Racing Club of Dakar beat ASFA on Sunday 2 -1 at the final of the High Council of Territorial Collectivities Cup (HCTT).

This second edition, which was postponed several times, was finally held at Caroline Faye stadium in Mbour in the presence of President Ousmane Tanor Dieng.

The president of this institution said he was very satisfied with the final which showed the fair play and the quality of both teams.

He promised that his institution will keep on supporting football in general and particularly the amateur football league which is developing thanks the great job that is done in the small categories.

The Racing Club of Dakar is a perfect example of the success in the small categories.

Eleven players who started the final are under twenty.

« We are fully investing in the training of young players because we know that it is with them that football can develop » said the President of Dakar Racing.  According Mamanding Nicolas Sonko, their victory is related to the commitment all the staff members,but also the determination of his talented young players.

At the opening event of the second edition of the HCCT Cup final, SONACOS of Diourbel won Koumare of Sedhiou 3-0, in the final of the women’s national football championship.

Even though Sedhiou girls could not resist the strength and vivacity of Diourbel girls, football lovers were satisfied with the beautiful game they saw, and which means that the women’s football season will be interesting this year.