CAN U20 qualifier :The young lions in an excellent physical and mental health

The Senegal National U-20 football team will challenge their Congo counterpart on Friday July 13th for the final round of the 2019 CAN qualifiers  which final will be hosted by Niger.

To this end  a delegation of the Senegalese Football Federation led by President Augustin Senghor visited Monday the young players who have been in camp for two months at the Toubab Dialaw Jules François Bocandé  technical development center.

« This visit means a lot to us, » says Souleymane Cisse, captain of the team. According to the Stade de Mbour player, his comrades and him will do their best not to disappoint the Senegalese who believe in them  «So the visit of the executive  committee of the Senegalese Football Federation on the eve of our departure has boosted us » added the Captain.

This visit was also an opportunity for the  team Coach Youssou Dabo and the National Technical Director Mayacine Mar to act as real team leaders ;  pushing the young players to go beyong their limits . According to them, it is Paramount to win the first leg match which will be played in Brazzaville. So the U20 need  more courage and determination. A courage and  a determination that the president of the Senegalese Football Federation has already noticed in young players.  President Senghor believes the team can do more than they did against Egypt they ousted from competition.  He thus encourages the young players who represent Senegal in this competition to behave correctly ; starting first believing in their potential

Hence, the Federation has done anything possible so that the team can be in the best conditions when traveling to Congo. The participation bonuses have been paid  and even a  one million CFA qualification bonus has been considered