National Youth championship: all the semi-final fixtures disclosed

After Dakar and Ziguinchor U17 qualified for the semi­-final of the ongoing tournament Friday in Kaolack Lamine Gueye  stadium , it was the turn of Thies and Kaolack to follow them on Saturday. Despite Kaolack’s loss to Thies 1-2, they remained second in group B and will meet the Dakar region on Monday at 07h 00 in the first semi-final. As for the Thies team , the will play their semi-final against Ziguinchor at 09h 30.

In Fatick Massene Sene stadium where the U20 are based , Thies1 will meet Dakar2 on Monday at 16h 00 in the first semi-final . This will be followed by the second semi-final Ziguinchor and Sedhiou at 18h 00.