Senegal Football league and StarTimes signe a ten year broadcast contract

Senegal professional  league  signed a 10-year broadcast contract with the Chinese company Star Times for the visibility and development of the local championship.

This agreement, which will comes into effect in 2018-2019 season, starting on Sartuday November 3rd , will generate $ 11 million to be paid to the league over the next ten years.

According to Saer Seck,  president of the professional football league, two games will be broadcast by StarTimes every week, which will make a total of 52 games per season , in addition to the rebroadcast of some games .

It is also stated in the agreement that the Chinese counterpart will construct 10 synthetic turves during  the ten years , which will make one synthetic turf per year .

« There are many reasons for the choice of Senegal professional league  »  the représentative of the Chinese company ,Sheng Yi said. According to the President of  the multinational media based in Beijing, his country and Senegal have had a long friendly an bilateral  relationship ,«and it is on the basis of that relationaship that this stadium where we are having this press conference today was built by China 33 years ago» he added.

Sheng Yi said  that in addition to the good China-Senegal coorperation that has facilitated this contract, he was impressed by the quality of professional football in Senegal but also the performance of the national team. He believes  that this cooperation will give more visibility to Senegalese football which has taken off.