Thies City’s CNEPS Excellence and Kaolack’s Diamono win national championships 1 and 2.

The Mbour Caroline Faye Stadium hosted on Friday, 1 June the finals of the two National Championships.
The big football event started with the final of the National Championship (Level 2), involving
Diamono Club from Kaolack and Demba Diop Club from Mbour .Diamono cane out victorious after the penalty shootouts. The score was even 0-0 during the regular time.
Yet players from Mbour had a better performance and field organization but all their kicks will be forfeited in front of a very motivated team from Kaolack. And as history has revealed; “better teams generally end up losing their games when they reach the penalty shootouts “this fixture was not an exception as Demba Diop club that did well during the game finally missed the shootout. However they will still console themselves with an entry to the National Championship (level1) next season, along with Diamono Club from Kaolack.
The final of the National Championship (Level 1) between CNEPS Excellence and Amitie FC followed that of the National Championship (level 2) on the same facilities of Mdour Caroline Faye stadium. Both teams are from Thies City, which made of the game a real derby.
In this fiercely played match CNEPS Excellence showed they mastered their subject, opening the scoring in the 65th minute by Mohamed Sall. Amitie FC tried hard to equalize whem their opponents increased the tally with the second goal at the 90Th minutes. No more goal will be scored until the referee blew the final whistle. The two finalists will play in the Premier League ( level 2) next season.