World Cup 2018. Senegal ousted from the tournament.

The senegal Lions are ousted from the World cup by Colombia on Thusday with a one Nil goal.

The match played in Samara at about a thousand kilometers  South East Moscow was their third appearance after their 2-1 victory to Poland and their 2-2 draw with Japan.

The lions needed just one point to qualify but they had in front a Colombian defense  that prevented them from scoring .The numerous  opportunities  the Senegal lions missed had a back effect on them as the Colombians will score the only opportunity  they had  in the last fifteen minutes.

Senegal team will try to equalize  until the end of the  match but did not succeed.

There Will be a feeling of bitterness after the elimination of Senegal team that had yet the all the chances  to reach  the  knock out  phase.

This feeling will be shared amongst the players, the  technical staff  and the numerous  fans  who came to support their team.

Unfortunately this is the rule of the game.The best teams are not forcibly the ones  to win   and the case of Senegal is a real example.

The  lions didn’t  meet their  goal but the they know that  the Senegalese people will never underestimate the tremendous effort the whole team made during this competition to make them proud. They were  simply unlucky