World Cup 2018: The lions sharpen their weapons for the ultimate battle

It will be a  » fierce fight ».That is what disclosed the  the statement of Kalidou Koulibali during the pre-match press conference  held Wednesday  in Samara ahead of the last group H match  between Senegal and Colombia.

The central defender of the lions wants to be clear. This match with Colombia , like  the previous match  with  Japan will not be easy but they will fight as valiant soldiers to honor the whole Senegalese nation and show they have a great team. According to Koulibaly they made surely  some mistakes during the previous match but they worked hard to rectify them.

The people of  Senegal is  standing behind the lions and coach Aliou Cisse is aware of it. He has had time to observe Colombians and will put in place a good strategy to prevent them from playing. Once again Senegal is not going concentrate  on the individualities but they will especially  favor a collective game .

Aliou cissé takes very seriously the statement of Colombia  coach  who shows  his optimism  in the  match against Senegal, saying that  that his main objective is to win and reach the knock out phase.  According to  Cisse Senegal is one of the best teams in this world Cup and they will show it

Aliou Cissé and Kalidou Coulibaly think that being the only African team to stay in the competition cannot be a pressure but it is rather a stimulant because they know that in addition to the 15 million Senegalese, they have a whole continent behind them. This is very encouraging.